Paper Making Club

We offer paper making classes and membership.

The next class is October 29th 2-5pm and is $50.

The HiiH Paper Making Membership includes the class and is $200.  It gives members the opportunity to become a papermaker -the necessary skills, equipment, and paper pulp.  We want to empower artists to make their own paper.

Membership gives you:

•  3 hour class

•  paper pulp 

•  paper making kit: a handmade mold and deckle (the frame and screen for making sheets), a tub, screen, felt, tub, and bucket

•  opportunity to show paper art in a group show in our barn   

We welcome groups and will work with you to find a time that works for everyone. 

Please email or call to register (contact info below).

Lâm making a sheet of paper.

Lâm has been began making paper over 20 years ago after taking a class at Oregon College of Art and Craft. His experimentations with various fibers led to his discovery of transforming a piece of paper by shining light through it. His paper making evolved into making lanterns, covering lampshades, and then into making his own forms with wire and bamboo.  He uses his own blend of western and eastern paper making  techniques to form sheets that are easy to work with.  He uses a blend of abaca and cotton fiber for a paper that is both soft and strong.  

Lâm with a sheet of handmade paper.